Summer Holiday at EKKO-MEISTER

Some people enjoy delicious cocktails on the beach. For others, it’s all about quality time with their family and friends. Still others love lots of activity and adventure.
Maybe you prefer to improve your skills with an inspiring summer course. Or you read a few great books you never have time for…

Whatever you like to do on vacation, it’s an important time to recharge our batteries. That’s how we stay balanced, motivated, and think of new, creative ideas.
This is why EKKO-MEISTER will be closed for 2 weeks this summer, from July 27th to August 7th.

So, please get in touch if you need any last-minute “Holiday shopping”. And for our more standardized bearings, you can also visit our Bearing Online Shops
Go to the English Shop
Zum Deutschen Shop

Whether you stay at home or travel the world… We wish you a great summer holiday!