Bearing categories at Ekko-Meister AG

Every project has its own specific requirements.
This is why EKKO-MEISTER AG provides different types of ball bearing categories so you get exactly what you need.

Sometimes it’s a completely customized and greased thrust bearing, other times you only need a specific component.

So let’s see what classic bearings, compact bearings, and individual components are all about.

Classic Bearings

Classic thrust bearing set with ball cage and discs

The Classic Bearing is a loose set of 2 grooved discs and a ball cage with balls.
The final assembly and greasing are the client’s responsibility.

The main advantage of the classic ball bearing is its flexibility.
If your bearing needs discs of two different sizes, like a small disc and a larger one, this is possible.

You can also choose between different materials so you can get the optimal bearing for your needs.

Compact Bearings

Compact ball bearing. Ball cage, discs and grease assembled into 1 closed part
* Open for presentation purposes only. Compact bearings are delivered closed

The Compact Bearing is already assembled, greased, and 100% tested. As its name suggests, it is especially suited for narrow spaces.
A big advantage is its easy installation with just one movement since it is already assembled into 1 single, closed part.

Our compact bearings are completely customized which is why they are only suitable for larger volumes.


Individual components for thrust bearings

Components such as ball cages, needle cages, and discs can also be bought separately.
They are available in various materials, such as brass, plastic, 100CR6 steel, or stainless steel.

Quality guaranteed

Although we specialize in tailor-made solutions for our customers worldwide, we also provide a certain number of standardized products.

All this in full compliance with all specifications.
Following the zero-defects-principle, EKKO-MEISTER AG guarantees a comprehensive inspection of the finished products, the produced components, and their lubrication.

This ensures you get the product you need – at the high quality you deserve.

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