Swiss chocolate and Easter are a good fit

Many of us around the globe are currently at home because of “you know what”.
Some can find social distancing somewhat depressing and may need a few mood-boosting snacks.

For others, the temptation of the fridge is simply too strong.
So, with Easter right around the corner, it seems only fitting to talk a bit about chocolate.

Dark chocolate

Swiss products are generally known for their quality and the same is true for Swiss chocolate.

=>Switzerland used to be the number 1 country with the most chocolate consumption per person with around 10.4 kg a year.
But in 2018, we got outranked by Germany with just over 11 kg per person.

=>Did you know that almost 75% of chocolate exports come from Europe?

And that Germany is the world’s biggest chocolate exporter, followed by Belgium, with Switzerland still in the Top 10?

=>The best known Swiss brands abroad are Toblerone, Lindt&Sprüngli and Nestlé but there are, of course, many more.

Of course, everyone has their own preferences and favorite brands here.
And some very popular Swiss chocolate manufacturers may not even be known abroad.

Chocolate may not solve your problems. But neither does an apple!

So, whether you prefer salty snacks or you have a sweet tooth…
You might just be indulging a little bit more than usual because you spend more time at home.

Our whole team wishes you a Happy Easter and good health.
Stay safe and enjoy your holiday weekend!