Meet Pius Weber

He’s been with EKKO-MEISTER for over 13 years and is part of our sales team.
This means he takes care of our customers – from their very first inquiry all the way to delivery.
His role also includes material procurement, production planning, and ERP maintenance.

Although he was formally trained as an interior decorator, he soon knew that he wanted to specialize in sales.
And so he got additional degrees over the years, such as in technical business administration, management, and exports.

In 1994, he moved to England for a while, to work in the spare parts department of a large Swiss textile machinery manufacturer.
Today, his English skills come in handy when he talks to our international customers.

Pius, tell us a little bit about yourself

=> What do you like best about your role here in the EKKO-MEISTER sales department?
“I really like the diversity of my various tasks. Every day is different and that makes it very interesting”.

=> How would you describe our work atmosphere?
“The climate in the whole company is great and companionable. And in a small team, the relationship is even closer than that. It’s fun to work with my colleagues and I enjoy it a lot”.

=> What do you think about EKKO-MEISTER’s vision?
“It’s great and exciting how we always find new ways to deepen our know-how and to create even more customer value in-house”.

=> And when you’re not at the office, how do you like to spend your free time?
“I’m very interested in photography in general, and I’m particularly passionate about high speed-photography. It’s fascinating to be able to capture things that are invisible to the naked eye”.

Many thanks to Pius, his commitment, and his fun personality. We appreciate having him on our team.