Even the smallest contribution matters

Excellent quality and safety must be a priority for manufacturers when products have a direct impact on their consumers.
This is not only a question of strict norms and complex regulations but also of integrity and ethics.
Especially in the medical sector, product safety and reliability are essential.
And so, even the tiniest detail has to comply with the regulations – all the way down to the protective packaging.

Imagine investing years into developing an innovative and maybe even life-changing medical device…
The right packaging keeps everything sterile and ensures that active agents stay effective over time.
Small details, like the titanium plate below, can also serve as a safeguard that the patient receives the correct product (a dental implant in this case).
Finally, the product/packaging has to be easy to use.

So, to make safe and reliable products, suppliers and materials are carefully chosen.
EKKO-MEISTER provides different parts to the medical sector. And it’s crucial that every single one of them meets the highest quality standards.
Even if we contribute a relatively small component like this titanium plate.