International Switzerland

Before 1848, you were officially considered a “stranger/foreigner” even if you simply moved from one canton to another. Today, foreign residents from over 190 nations make up 25% of the population in Switzerland.

The Italians form the largest group, ahead of the Germans, Portuguese, French and Kosovar citizens.
These 5 nations alone make up more than half of the permanent foreign resident population in Switzerland.

Most people move to Switzerland for work (50%), family reasons (30%) and education (10%).
And with 4 official languages in this country, it’s not surprising that people from Italy, Germany and France generally settle in the language regions where their mother tongue is spoken.

Better together

International teams are important to expand skills, foster innovation, and to create a dynamic environment.
Everyone has their own values, skills, and perspectives which, with the right company culture, can be a great driver of progress.

At EKKO-MEISTER, we have team members from many different backgrounds which makes working together interesting and diverse. We’d like to thank every one of our staff for doing a great job.
It’s a pleasure to work with you and to build our future together.

Enjoy your holiday and see you back on August 10th.