What you can find near our headquarters

Lengnau, and its surrounding area in the southern foothills of the Swiss Jura, is part of an industrially shaped, export-oriented region.
International shipping is made easy by the excellent transport connections via freeway, train, and (small) airport.

You can reach big cities like Basel, Bern, and Zurich in about 1 hour. Solothurn, also called the most beautiful Baroque city in Switzerland, is only 15 minutes away and worth a stroll.

The many companies located in the area range from promising SMEs to renowned multinationals. A good portion is active in the historic watchmaking sector, precision industries, and the medical technology sector.
And with several universities, technical colleges, and universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulen) within commuting distance – plus a wide variety of companies providing apprenticeships, we have plenty of qualified workers and specialists.

The bilingual city of Biel (German/French) is also just a few minutes away which adds a bit of cultural diversity. And in your free time, you can enjoy the lake Biel with its 40 km2, go hiking or skiing in the Jura Mountains, or explore the Swiss Plateau (which is anything but flat).

Lake Biel

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