Meet Daniel Brunner

Meet our product manager Daniel Brunner, a certified toolmaker who specializes in stamping technology and CAD/CAM design engineering.
He joined us in 2005.

Daniel, what can you tell us about your job?

==> How would you describe your day?
My tasks are very varied. I handle quotations for new inquiries and I’m involved in various projects, like the design of stamping tools.
I also offer technical support for our tool-making department, manufacturing & quality assurance.

==> What do you like best about your job?
I rarely have a typical working day. This keeps things interesting. And I can organize my tasks myself & work with a motivated team.

==> Which project was the most interesting?
Clearly the merger of Ekko Technik AG with Hans Meister AG in 2017*! Our customers benefit from the many synergies EKKO-MEISTER AG created.

==> What do you think about Ekko-Meister AG?
The company is a well-positioned SME, with a modern infrastructure and targeted investments. We are IATF-16949 certified, so we can confidently work with large companies.
The work environment is very friendly, competent, and respectful, so it’s all positive.

*Ekko Technik AG (1954) specialized in thrust bearings, their components, and stamped & bent parts.
Hans Meister AG (1945) manufactured small, complex stamped parts & stamping tools.