Bearings support a variety of industries

Ball bearings are popular because they are versatile, flexible, and valuable. If you’ve done anything today, chances are you came in contact with thrust bearings. It’s almost inevitable.

When motion is involved, bearings are a reliable and cost-effective solution to increase the longevity of the equipment they are in.
From home automation to household appliances, cars, the doctor’s office, and planes…pretty much every industry uses bearings.

They can be made of materials like plastic, brass, or stainless steel. The bearings can already be greased & sealed – or come in a loose set of components. Some are big. Others are small. Maybe with a lot of tiny balls – or fewer, bigger ones.
Bearings are versatile so their design depends on the application and its specifications.

So, if you had your favorite cup of coffee this morning, drove to work, had an appointment at the dentist’s office, or simply held a video conference from your home office…
It’s likely that in one way or another, bearings were involved.
Maybe they were even ours.

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And if you have a challenging application that requires a custom design, our specialists would love to hear from you, too!