Plastic Injection Molding at EKKO-MEISTER

EKKO-MEISTER continues to invest in the future.
Thanks to our roughly 70 years of experience, we are mostly known for custom axial bearings and small, complex stamped parts.
But did you know that we also have our own plastic injection molding department? And that we successfully commissioned yet another injection molding machine a few weeks ago?

Why plastic injection molding?

We invest in innovation and the continuous development of our skills. Due to the constant growth of our axial bearing portfolio and the materials used for it, it was only natural that we’ve integrated injection molding as a further manufacturing process – in addition to our existing stamping technology and axial bearing production.

This not only enables us to increase in-house production, but it mainly offers clear advantages to our customers.
When you source the complete assembly from one supplier, it will be easier, more flexible, faster, more efficient, and economical.

So, injection molding was a logical next step for our dynamic, growing company.
And thanks to the great variety offered by plastic injection molding, you can enjoy an ever-expanding range of products.

The perfect synergy with existing capabilities

We always strive to offer you an even better and more comprehensive service.
And thanks to our existing skills, we were able to set up the new plastic injection molding department relatively quickly. It was a great advantage that our experienced team, the high-precision machine park, our engineering and our processes (according to high automotive standards) have been in place for years.

Thanks to our highly qualified toolmakers we can design and manufacture even very complex molds. And our innovative designers will find the right solution for every challenge. Of course, an experienced plastic injection specialist completes our team.
These were the optimal conditions to start manufacturing custom plastic parts.

The new injection molding machine has a clamping force of up to 60 tons and is fully equipped. This includes an ultra-modern removal technology in the form of a flexible, articulated robot. So, even complex movements can be mastered easily.

Plastic Injection Molding Robot

This is what we can do for you

As in all our departments, we apply the zero-defect principle. You can use our products in many demanding industries because we are IATF 16949 certified and use the AIAG CQI-23 assessment.

At present, we mainly use engineering plastics for our injection molding. These perform better than standard materials and can easily be processed into complex shapes.
Engineering thermoplastics also can be melted and reused without any problems. This not only creates less waste during the injection molding process, but it also offers a cost-effective solution for quality products.

Product range

Our injection molding undertaking started with the production of ball cages for our custom axial bearings. But the plastic injection molding technology is very diverse and can be largely expanded.
With the help of our CAD designers, toolmakers, and plastic specialist, a wide range of plastic parts can be offered.

Plastic parts: We can manufacture 100% plastic parts according to customer requirements creating simple or complex designs. A few examples are plastic ball cages for ball bearings, housing parts, plug connections, or geared parts. There are plenty of potential products.

Hybrid parts: Plastic/Metal hybrids have great economic and technical potential, which leads to innovative solutions and product ideas. By combining the strengths of both metal and plastic, we can create particularly powerful components.

You can find hybrid parts in products like electrical contacts or in mechatronics such as actuators. Again, there are many possibilities.
In cooperation with our high-precision stamping department, we can produce hybrid parts completely in-house.
Depending on the requirements and the final product, the plastic and metal parts can also be manufactured separately. In the next step, both parts are assembled. This can be done either fully automated, partially automated, or manually.

Prototype production: Thanks to our engineering service, we can help you specify your plastic parts from a very early stage in your planning process. Even Production prototypes (= as close to the product deliverable as possible) can be manufactured in a flexible and timely manner.

Injection Molding Machine

Get everything from one source

Our products are used worldwide, in sectors like the automotive industry, high-quality consumer goods, medical technology, and electrical engineering. Surely they are suitable for your industry.
We accompany you through every phase of your project so that you get the high quality, competitive product you need.

If you are looking for precise, high-quality plastic parts – or you need a system supplier who can design your product, manufacture the injection mold, and efficiently produce hybrid parts, then EKKO-MEISTER is the right partner for you.