Switzerland is an important player in the coffee industry

They may not be as famous as The Economist’s annual “Big Mac Index” but there are also surveys that index the price of a cup of coffee in cities around the globe.
According to the 2016 study, Zurich sold the most expensive coffee in the world.

In 2018, it still ranked in the top 5 at US$ 4.98 per cup behind Doha, Copenhagen, and Dubai.

Coffee is the most popular beverage worldwide. According to the British Coffee Association, we consume over two billion cups every day.

Cup of fresh, steaming hot coffee

It’s not surprising that manufacturers of coffee machines are always looking for ways to make better machines. So, the coffee industry has become increasingly science- and technology-based.

And this is an area the Swiss naturally excel in.

Did you know that Switzerland is a big manufacturer of coffee machines?

Some Swiss companies are very well known for their own coffee machines while others manufacture machines for other famous brands.

And did you know that EKKO-MEISTER AG produces thrust bearings for premium bean-to-cup coffee machines?
As their name suggests, bean-to-cup machines grind the beans on demand for ultimate freshness.
This means just before brewing your steaming cup of coffee.

Factors like the grinding process, temperatures, roast profile, brew time, and pressure largely influence the flavor of your cup of coffee.

Compact ball bearing for premium coffee machines

Our high-quality thrust bearings enable the grinder and the brewing unit to move smoothly, precisely, and to withstand the high pressure of the brewing water.
This helps to make your coffee “just right” and increases your machine’s longevity so you can enjoy it for a long time.

You can find EKKO-MEISTER ball bearings in fully automatic home coffee machines as well as in professional machines.

Whether you prefer to make your own coffee at home or to order it in your favorite café – the machine may just include our thrust bearings.

So what’s your favorite kind of coffee?