What will our future cars look like?

As you know, the automotive industry is going through quite a few significant changes.

Some BIG trends for future cars are autonomous driving, connectivity, electrification, and shared vehicles…also known as ACES, CASE, or SAEV.

The interior design of our vehicles will also become increasingly important. Especially with autonomous cars, passenger experience will be critical.
Current trends seem to indicate that future solutions will become more flexible, individualized, and compatible.

Did you know that according to a 2018 McKinsey survey, car cabins may become more important to buyers than powertrain or exterior design? There seems to be a shift from the car’s exterior appearance to a more interior focus.

The research found that the ability to customize the interior will be a major decision point for buyers.
That’s because consumers want modular car interiors that can adapt to their changing needs & lifestyle.

A new era for modular car interiors?

The shift to self-driving vehicles could allow car makers to completely redesign the interior and provide a modular space for work, relaxation, or entertainment.
This means that in a few years, car cabins may look very different from today (as you may already have noticed in certain concept cars).

Concept car with modular interior

It’s easy to see that autonomous vehicles may not need seats facing the road. So, it’s likely that designers and engineers will have more creative freedom in the future when it comes to designing interior layouts.

But we don’t have to wait for the future to see cars with increasingly modular interiors.
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